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Day Care Provider

Day Care Provider | Heather's Daycare - South Sioux City, NE

If you have been comparing the benefits of an in home day care provider with a more traditional day care provider, allow me to review some of these with you.

• Child-to-Staff Ratios—As an in home day care provider, my main concern is giving your child the best care while you are away. I can only do this by operating at minimal capacity. My child-to-staff ratios will be closer to what they are supposed to be, because my services are not centered on commission.

• Same License, Different Costs—I am licensed to operate as a day care provider, much like traditional centers in South Sioux City, NE. The biggest difference is that I will not charge you for operating a large facility, and you will still receive quality care for your child.

• More Like a Family—A larger day care provider will typically group children by age, but this is not how most families are formed. Unless your child is one of a multiple (such as twins, etc.), he or she will most likely be more accustomed to socializing with children of all different ages. There are children aged 7 weeks to 5 years at Heather's Daycare!

• Just Like Home—Choosing an in home day care provider will allow a smoother transition for your child while you are away. Your child will feel comfortable, because they are not being dropped off at a large institution each morning. This goes a long way towards easing the tension when you return to work.

There are several reasons why choosing an in home day care provider is the best choice for you and your family. I am always happy to discuss these reasons with interested families, because I am passionate about what I do. My years of experience and commitment to serving families are evident in my daily practices.

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